Our Homeopathic Philosophy as a Pharmaceutical Company

Advanced Homeopathic Therapies

Our homeopathic philosophy started from the dream of a person-centered Medicine in harmony with nature, from a modern and visionary idea of effective drugs with no side effects, from the project of a company founded on solid ethical principles and devoted to research, Guna was founded in Milan, Italy, in 1983.

Today, with around 300 employees and export activities in 30 Countries, Guna is one of world’s most intriguing Companies in the field of Homeopathic Medicine, Medical Devices, Nutraceuticals, Dermocosmetics and Bach Flowers.

The Production: 30 years of Quality, Technology and Innovation

Technological innovation is the principle which has inspired Guna since its beginning. Guna is authorized to the production of pharmaceutical products since 1989. 

The new production facility, opened in 2008 and covering an area of 65,000 square feet, is one of the most technologically advanced facilities in the pharmaceutical field. Guna meets all the international requirements of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and all production procedures are approved in accordance with ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 13485: 2012 Medical Devices requirements.

Guna produces and distributes: Homeopathic Pharmaceuticals

Since 2006, more than 70 pharmaceutical products are FDA listed and regulated.

Guna Medicines: 30 years of Efficacy, Safety, and Scientific Progress

Guna is known throughout the world for producing  innovative products, effective and without negative side effects. Recent studies of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, applied to medicinal plants and to biological molecules (neuropeptides, cytokines, hormones and growth factors), allowed Guna to discover the extraordinary therapeutic possibilities of the active ingredients in low doses used in its products.

The use of low doses is the cornerstone of Guna pharmacology. Efficacy without side effects is the result of the encounter between low doses of active principles and an innovative pharmaceutical technique called SKA (Sequential Kinetic Activation), developed and standardized by Guna Laboratories.

The SKA technology allows to use lower doses of biological molecules (under the minimum dose considered pharmacologically active), though allowing them to be as effective as higher doses normally used in conventional Pharmacology.

Homeopathic Pharmaceuticals - Lab technician on computer

Guided by ethical principles

It is not only important what we do, it is equally important the way we do it

We are aware that profit is the ultimate goal of a Company, and we acknowledge that without any hypocritical attempt to argue otherwise, however we are equally convinced that profit cannot and should not be separated from ethics and social responsibility

As an expression of the Company’s engagement in social responsibility, we issue an integrated balance sheet every year. This is part of our daily commitment to create a new model of health in which the interests of the Community and of the Company perfectly match.

We believe that business can have a human face and that in such model of business the interests of the  shareholders and the interests of the community can coexist. As the community evolves and its people improve their quality of life, a dynamic Company innovates and expands its activities.

As a Company, we know we have many responsibilities: we must invest in scientific research, in employment, in technological innovation, in the well-being of our employees and in the improvement of the land in which we live. We know we have to work every day with intensity, skill and passion to improve the health of people and, ultimately, to promote a more conscious approach to health and disease.

Devoted to scientific research

We want to be sure of the effectiveness of our products

Scientific Research and Clinical Trials are essential pillars underpinning the success of Guna in the global pharmaceutical  field. Every year, Guna invests considerable resources in Basic and Clinical Research Studies. Guna cooperates with some of the most prestigious Italian and foreign Universities, especially by supporting the research on the biological activity of low doses, in order to contribute to the creation of a new pharmacological paradigm.

Basic research studies have demonstrated the effectiveness and safety of Guna products and have led us to better understand the action mechanisms of activated nano-concentrations. Moreover over the past eight years Guna has invested also on Clinical Research for the definitive validation of the therapeutic effects on patients.

By cooperating with some of the most prestigious Italian research institutes and Universities (among the others, “Istituto Superiore di Studi Sanitari”, Rome; “Fatebenefratelli” Hospital, Rome;“ Istituto Policlinico”, Milan; “Sapienza” University, Rome; “City of Health and Science” Hospital, Turin), Guna launched a Clinical Research Project in 2010, aimed at conducting clinical trials on a number of high prevalence diseases and developing more advanced therapeutic approaches. Today, several basic and clinical research studies are published on high-impact-factor international journals.

Today, thanks to the efforts in this field, numerous clinical research projects are currently ongoing or completed, including studies on Crohn’s Disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Vitiligo, Fibromyalgia, Rotator Cuff Syndrome, Knee Osteoarthritis, and Recurrent Respiratory Infections (RRI) in pediatric population.

Guna is an official partner of C.R.E.B.I.O.N. (Interdepartmental Research Centre for the Study of Biological Effects of Nano-Concentrations) of the University of Milan.

Focused on education and scientific information addressed to Doctors and Pharmacists

We work to form expert physicians and conscious patients

Since its founding, Guna has been focused on the importance of training Homeopathic Doctors and Pharmacists. Independently or by supporting Medical Associations, Guna organizes every year more than 600 teaching days in Italy alone, structured as workshops or annual or multi-year courses. Such commitment to education has been and still is considered as essential to provide adequate knowledge of Homeopathic Medicine, as it is more and more requested by doctors, pharmacists and patients.

The recent achievements in the field of low doses have raised a growing academic interest in Low Dose Medicine. Since 2011, several Italian Universities have been establishing Post-graduate Courses and Master Degree Programs (Parma, “Sapienza” Rome, Siena, Novara, “G. Marconi” Rome). 

Outside Italy, the therapeutic success of Guna medicines, their innovative spirit and research results, have brought Low Dose Medicine into the classrooms of some of the most important Universities of the World, such as Loyola University of Chicago, the University of Wisconsin, Madison, the Miller Medical School in Miami, Arizona State University in Phoenix and the Royal Society of Medicine in London. 

Every year, thousands of doctors all over the world attend seminars which are sponsored by Guna and its partners. Passion, expertise and a teaching method oriented to a practical, immediate approach make Guna courses a benchmark of excellence for medical updating.

Our homeopathic philosophy is aimed at promoting natural-base medical products: unique – effective –innovative – without side effects

Original medicines, innovative technologies

Innovation, research, clinical trials, effectiveness and absence of side effects are reasons of Guna international success. Guna has developed and is still developing innovative medicines for a wide range of diseases, in numerous therapeutic areas. 

Guna produces only natural and effective drugs with no side effects, which are able to physiologically stimulate the biological processes underlying the maintenance or recovery of homeostatic conditions and respect the health of every single person.

Affirming the values and the model of human-centered Medicine in harmony with Nature

Improving patients’ life – generating wellbeing

• We believe that every patient is first of all a man who suffers.

• We think that health is not just the absence of a disease.

• We believe that Man is mind, body and spirit as a whole.

• We think it is possible to act on the causes and symptoms of the disease together.

• We think that it is possible to create drugs without negative side effects.

• We think that Nature is the most extraordinary “pharmaceutical industry”.

• We think that a Medicine that understands the intimate mechanisms of Biology and human Physiology is able to develop a new generation of drugs: natural-based, effective, respectful of the human being and in harmony with Nature.

…We believe that this Medicine already exists.

Contributing to make the World a better place

With the aim of reaching and maintaining the best harmonious level of health, beauty and vitality