Welcome to the fascinating world of GUNA.

Our company was established in 1983 by my wife and myself, being both young and eager to develop new projects and ideas in a field that we both found extremely interesting and challenging: Homeopathy.

Adriana at that time was a scientific researcher in the most influential Italian pharmaceutical company and I had an import-export business. We decided to join not only our professional competencies, but also our lives: we got married and since that time we gave birth to 5 daughters as well as to… Guna, which now is the most influential Italian company in the field of Natural Medicine.

We started as an importer and distributor for the qualified European low dose medicine manufacturers. In 1989 we opened our own manufacturing laboratory so that we could make our innovative ideas in the field of Biological Medicine real. Our commitments and realizations today go beyond homeopathic medicine and are strongly connected to the most advanced and up-to-date research in Medicine.

Creating pharmaceutical products, Natural, Without side effects, Effective and Innovative was –  and still is – our mission, which is definitely based on these four pillars.

We were able to set up all of our large and successful range of products thanks to the cooperation of our permanent Scientific Department made up of an international group of outstanding physicians and researchers.

Since the beginning we gave great importance to scientific homeopathic research, and that is why we are furthering our cooperation with several Universities. Our products are conceived according to the concepts of Physiological Regulating Medicine (PRM), a new branch of Medicine developed in Guna. Our products are manufactured according to the innovative technique called Sequential Kinetic Activation (SKA), a method set up in our new laboratory in Milan, one of the most advanced in the pharmaceutical industry.

GUNA Four Pillars - Water Fountains

We are engaged in an intensive program of education devoted to homeopathic physicians and pharmacists: we organize over 600 training events every year. E-learning programs in English are also available.

I hope you, too, will take advantage of the therapies and solutions we have developed in several medical fields as Internal Medicine, Allergology, Pain Therapy, Detoxification, Aesthetic Medicine, to name just a few, with the aim of making people’s lives healthy and safe.

Alessandro Pizzoccaro
President – GUNA Inc.