We produce natural, effective preparations that have no contraindications, and that take effect by physiologically stimulating the immune system.


For physicians, chemists and end users: it is only through a precise and thorough understanding of the remedies that people can succeed in using them to the best effect. That is why we constantly put a great deal of effort into providing training, helping to enable doctors to practice the only medicine that is genuinely effective, i.e. the one that heals the patient.

In addition, through cooperation with the PRM (Physiological Regulating Medicine) Academy and the Accademia di Medicina Biologica, the most influential Italian association for the medical sciences involved in continuing professional development and clinical research in the field of biological medicine, we organize more than 600 training events every year with support to Universities, numerous medical professional associations and medical federations in Italy and all over the world.


We want to be sure that our customers are always satisfied with the service we offer, from the quality of the production process right up to the therapeutic results in the patients.

We are deeply dedicated to RESEARCH to demonstrate and provide scientific evidence of the efficacy of our low dose medicines.

We have a profound conviction to be inspired by ETHICAL PRINCIPLES that respect the values of the human being.