In conducting our activities, we put the principles of social responsibility into concrete practice. We are well aware that the purpose of any business is to make a profit, but we are equally convinced that there can be a business model that makes the shareholders’ interests compatible with those of the community.

Where the community evolves and improves its standard of living, so can the company reinforce its position and expand its activities too: we can therefore say that the interests of the community coincide with the interests of our shareholders. We keep the advertising of our products for the general public to a minimum, not because we are ideologically against advertising, but because we feel that it is a tool that risks creating induced needs which can be dangerous, to say the least, in such a delicate sector as human health.

We prefer to invest in providing medical and scientific information, in the quality of its products, and in the innovative content of its industrial and research processes. On the other hand, GUNA S.p.A. is constantly communicating with the people operating in the healthcare sector, with patients and stakeholders at the meetings for physicians, in social campaigns, in scientific research, and at trade fairs and cultural events.

We also communicate through our professionals: sales reps, like all the other GUNA S.p.A. personnel, are well trained, keen, patient, informal and caring in their approach to the customers. We have also made some “bold” decisions on the matter of patents and the protection of our intellectual property, including the results of our scientific research: to learn more about these issues, please read the short note in our “No patent” manifesto. Any suggestions you may have will be more than welcome: if you would like to contact us about these topics, please write to creiamoilfuturo@guna.it.