Your holidays should be filled with fun, family and friends. If you’re feeling stressed out or even sick, you’ll never be able to enjoy the season. Planning ahead is the key to your holiday happiness. Manage your stress and travel plans with these few tips.



If you are traveling this holiday season, it might be a good idea to pack the GUNA-Sleep. Falling asleep in a new environment can throw off your sleep cycle. It might take you longer to get adjusted so using a non-sedative sleep aid like GUNA-Sleep can help relax your nervous system. It works with your body’s natural circadian rhythms to get you back on track.



Traveling and being in proximity to family and friends can lead to the spreading of germs. Washing your hands often can help to prevent the spread of germs. Be sure to use warm water and wash with soap for at least 20 seconds.

If it’s too late and you think you got a bug, don’t panic. Try GUNA-Flu, when taken at the first sign of symptoms it can cut the duration of your cold or the flu. The small granules dissolve under your tongue, making them easy to take for people on the go. They are small and make great travel companions.



Travel during the holidays can stress anyone out. Add on buying presents for everyone, standing in long lines and even cooking the big meal for all your guests can increase your stress levels. Press pause and take GUNA-Anti-Age Stress to relieve symptoms related to stress like restlessness. It’s also a great time to practice mindfulness or do yoga to unwind.



Let’s talk about food, as it’s often at the center of holiday festivities. Upset stomach and irregularity are common problems during the holidays because our diets change and stress levels increase. Think about taking GUNA-Bowel with you the next time you travel to ensure you stick to your regular bathroom habits. As for upset stomach or indigestion, GUNA-Digest can help relieve abdominal pain and even heartburn from eating too much of Aunt Becky’s stuffing.