Attendee, Judith Thompson, ND said, “It was great to see how the medicines are made. It has given me a greater appreciation for GUNA products and the high level of precision that goes into making them. It was nice to learn about the spirit and thought process behind GUNA’s Low Dose Medicine”. 

“The front area of the building made you feel like you were being transported into a different dimension. It had been a life altering experience across the board – from the conference, the food, the coffee, to seeing the factory and simply being in Milan, Italy,” said Judith Thompson, ND, Adventura, FL.

“The seminar had been extremely informative. It was very nice to meet the founder of the company, Dr. Alessandro Pizzoccaro and two of his daughters, the other members of the owning family. Their generosity had shown throughout the seminar and for that I am grateful,” attendee Sarah Lane had commented. “The tour of the facility was extremely impressive, all I can say is wow!” Sarah Lane, ND, Missoula, MT.

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