Why GUNA-Sleep?

“GUNA SLEEP is a homeopathic blend of choice herbals and metabolic factors such as melatonin that work on the sleep mechanism through the circadian rhythms and also through calming and regulating the nervous system. Compared to other homeopathic sleep remedies, GUNA SLEEP has a better, more direct formulation. “Answered Dr JO Serrentino, a researcher for over 30 years and leading expert in cytokine therapy, well-known for her pioneering work in international circles in the field of biomedicine and holistic therapies.

What is unique about GUNA-Sleep?

Dr JS: “GUNA SLEEP is unique in that it contains homeopathic melatonin and serotonin, which work in physiological pathways that calm the body naturally, using the body’s rhythms rather than harsh tranquilizing effects. And because of this, the beneficial effects on the rhythms of the body are continuous, in other words, these substances train the body’s rhythms so to speak.

How do you take it?

Dr JS: “It is simple to use, 20 drops at bedtime that’s it!

To conclude:

GUNA SLEEP for sleeplessness and disturbed sleep due to anxiety, stress, menopause, because it works strictly on the sleep mechanism through the body’s physiology as opposed to just giving you tranquilizing herbals or homeopathics like most products. This is a very advanced alternative product as are all of the GUNA products.