30 years ago…

Thirty years ago Alessandro Pizzoccaro, an Italian businessman and his wife, Adriana, a scientist, brought to life their passion for high quality biological health products by creating GUNA S.p.A. Today, this Italian biotech company based in Milan, Italy, houses a state-of-the-art laboratory and manufacturing facility producing industry-leading biopharmaceuticals for a global market.

Over those 30 years, GUNA has become one of the most respected companies in the world of health products, renowned for its high standards of operation, ethics, quality ingredients and advanced technology in the fields of biological health products and innovative medicine.

One of GUNA’ signature developments is the creation of complexes made from low dose (LD) metabolic factors and cytokines. These substances are in the same concentrations that are found in the body and follow the body’s natural physiological pathways.

GUNA exports to over 20 countries and now has a North American subsidiary based in Whitehall, PA. In the US, GUNA caters  to health care practitioners and medical specialists with unique preparations. In fact, GUNA is the only maker of single recombinant cytokines registered with the FDA.

Measured by the successes of its forward thinking development team, GUNA’s future is unlimited. Some recent and noteworthy honors this leading-edge company has received over the years include the  GranDesign Ethics International Award; an international award celebrating technological innovation, ethics and social responsibility. In 2012, GUNA entered the esteemed ranks of industry leaders –  all past recipients of GranDesign – Apple, Nikon, Patagonia, Adidas and other industry giants.

After all of these years, the GUNA passion is alive and well; changing the face of medicine by setting the standard for innovative medicine