Leadership & Corporate Governance

GUNA S.p.a.is fully committed to strong corporate governance. GUNA S.p.a. principles and rules on corporate governance are laid out in the Articles of Incorporation and the Regulations of the Board. The Board reviews these principles and rules regularly in the light of prevailing best practices and notifies the Chief Executive Officer with suggestions for improvement, as needed.

Board of Directors

The Supervisory Board elects the Board of Directors of GUNA S.p.a., which is responsible for the ultimate direction, strategy, organization, and administration of the company. The GUNA S.p.a. Supervisory Board is comprised of:

  • Alessandro Pizzoccaro, Founder and Chairman of the Board.
  • Irene Pizzoccaro, Vice President
  • Anna Pizzoccaro
  • Sofia Pizzoccaro
  • Stella Pizzoccaro
  • Lucia Pizzoccaro