CATALYSIS, now distributed by GUNA, INC. in the United States

16 April 2018

Catalysis is a dynamic, renowned European company based in Spain, operating in the global market of nutraceuticals and dermo-cosmeceuticals for over 20 years. Catalysis products are manufactured in a GMP laboratory in Madrid. They are infused with botanical active principles with remarkable antioxidant properties. Every active principle undergoes a patented, exclusive process of molecular activation ensuring completely safe, quick and effective results.

Catalysis is committed to continuous research and product development, clinical experimentation, and technological innovation in the pharmaceutical production processes.

Guna, Inc. is a licensed U.S. distributor based in Pennsylvania. Guna, Inc. and its sales team provide education to healthcare professionals developing a new, integrated vision of health and medicine. Guna, Inc. is the sister company of Guna S.p.a., a leading Italian GMP manufacturer and distributor of high-quality, safe, science-based health products in the Integrative & Alternative Medicine field, with over 30 years’ experience.

Guna’s inspiring principles are to approach any disease or imbalance from within, and to act on their inner causes and not just symptoms. Guna’s range of oral formulations, “Low-Dose Medicine,” are based on these concepts and supported, by continuous basic and clinical research.

Catalysis products now enrich Guna, Inc’s product assortment: the perfect match for ensuring you regain and keep optimal health from the inside out, and from the outside in.